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GALAHs Australia provides the following design services...

• Industrial Design
• Website Design
• Technology Services


Simple, Sensible Solutions

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Services provided by GALAHs Australia



Industrial Design

GALAHs Australia's focus is on providing Simple, Sensible Solutions to its clients.

GALAHs Australia utilises CAD technology to create 2D and 3D product prototypes.

GALAHs Australia allows you to visualise a product before spending money on expensive tooling or physical prototypes.



Website Design

GALAHs Australia can design, produce and maintain websities.

GALAHs Australia focuses on usability and accessibility of its website designs.

If you don't have a website, need your website updated, or just want to use that free webspace you got with your internet package, GALAHs Australia can help.


GALAHs Australia Site Hosting


Business Technology Help

GALAHs Australia can provide Computer and Technology Advice and Help.


Corporate Identity Creation

• Advertisments

• Flyers, Brochures

• Letter Heads

• Business Cards

• Signage Design

• Website


Computing Services

• Computer Help

• Digital media setups

• PDF Document creation

• Graphic Design

• Interface Design

• Computer system design

• Computer Upgrades


Computer Optimisation

• Critical Windows Security Patches and Updates

• Virus, Adware, Spyware and Trojen removals

• Defragmentation

• Software Recommendations and Installations

• Hardware Installation



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