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About Us


GALAHs Australia aims to provide a selection of design services to businesses in Australia. Focusing on individual service.

GALAHs Australia wants to take up the challenges businesses and society will need face in the future,

Accessibility, Globalisation and the Environment by providing...
Simple, Sensible Solutions

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Why GALAHs Australia?

I have been fascinated with Galahs since owning one as a pet.

At university we were asked to develop a corporate identity. I chose GALAHs and was quickly told by a lecturer that the name isn't really suitable for a 'serious' business.

So of corse, I decided to keep it to prove a point.



What is Industrial Design?

Industrial Design encompasses a broad range of subjects.


Functionality - The ability of a product or service to perform its primary purpose.

Useability - Provide user focused solutions based on their interaction with the products/systems and the environment.

Accessibility - Develop products or services that can be used by a wide range of users.

Marketing - Product design that increases perceived value, marketability, style and image.

Design for Manufacture - Products that minimise production time and costs.

Environmental Sustainability - Reduce the impact products or systems have on the environment.

Communication - The successful transfer of ideas through Drawings, CAD models and prototypes as well as using tradition methods such as written reports.



Accessibility, Globalisation & the Environment

Why have you identified Accessibility, Globalisation & the Environment as concerns for the future of business?


Accessibility - Big companies are getting bigger, the divide between rich and poor is getting wider and the cost of education is rising. We need to find a way of providing the methods, tools and processes of the big and powerfull to the small and weak if they are going to survive. This relates equally to society in general as it does to business.

Globalisation - The world is inevitably merging into one big market. To survive Australian businesses need to become smarter, more efficient and better understand their clients needs.

Environment - Without our environment we have nothing. We maintain our cars and homes to keep them operational. There would be a huge outcry if the life support system a patient was hooked up to could no longer sustain life due to a lack of maintenance. Well the Earth is our life support system. It is the responcibility of EVERYONE to ensure it is kept in tip top shape.



Simple Sensible Solutions

We all know the best solutions are the simplest solutions...

... and the simplest soluitions are usually the most cost effective.



Why start your own business?

To be my own boss :)

I have seen how the principles of Industrial Design are missing from different professional fields. For example websites created by people trained in IT might lack usability. Expensive products produced by Engineers may not have a high percieved value. GALAHs Australia can help by implementing Industrial Design principles into small businesses and help make them more competitive.



What are your Education credentials?

I graduated with honours from a four year degree in Industrial Design at the University of Western Sydney.

I completed my School Certificate and Higher School Certificate at John Therry Catholic High School at Rosemeadow NSW.



What classes did you undertake?

I tried to pick a wide variety of classes to broaden my education.

For my School Certificate I studied English, Maths, Science, Commerce, Computers, Sport Science, Religion and Physical Education Health and Development.

For my HSC I studied English, Maths, Business Studies, Legal Studies, Computing (1st in School), Engineering Science (2nd in School) and Religion.

At UWS I completed my sub-major in Industrial Graphics (2D & 3D CAD, Surface Modelling, Presentation). I also undertook subjects ranging from Design Methodology, Product Lifecycle, Manufacturing and Materials, Information Technology, Multimedia and Website Design, Marketing, Environmental Planning, Business management and Engineering.

I also undertook one year of Mechanical Engineering studies at the University of Technology Sydney that included studies in Physics, Maths, Engineering methodology, Electrical Engineering, and Environmental sustainability.




I completed my final year project and thesis for UWS as a paid employee of the Industrial Physics division of the Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organisation.

My task was to re-design the software user interface for a Ultra Micro Indentation System (UMIS).
This required thorough understanding of the instrument, the process, the users (and their different levels of knowledge), the work environments and the accuracy of the required results.

The finished product provided a user-focused interface with two separate levels accommodating for different users skill levels. Missed marketing opportunties were also identified for which cost effective solutions were proposed.



Work Experience

• Aircraft Mechanic - (1996) Year 10 work experience.

• Aircraft Mechanic - Dakota National Air (1998-1999) For 3 months straight after completing the higher school certificate before receiving University placement.

• Camden Civic Centre - (2000 - 2005) Beverage Supervisor. Hospitality work including serving, cleaning, office work, customer relations, function co-ordinating, marketing and technical support.

• Council of Camden - (2002) Implementation of a new Road Maintenance System database and SMEC Analyst software (Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation)

• CSIRO - (2003) Development of WinUMIS 3.0 user interface.

• GALAHs Australia - (2004) Started my own business.


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